HR Philosophy

The pace at which KKCL is growing is largely influenced by our ‘precious asset’ called the ‘Human Capital’. In today’s competitive world of business, the ‘human capital’ holds extreme importance as the employees are an integral part of the business. The KKCL HRD ensures that all the employees across all the hierarchical levels become an important part in the growth of the Company. Also, we not only focus on the internal employees but also give timely attention to the CSA’s, sub- staffs, retailers, franchisees, dealers and distributors by undertaking initiatives that create a significant bond amongst all the stakeholders of the KKCL.

The HRD always strives to maintain the ‘happiness quotient’ among all the employees throughout the year. We always aim to create ‘Enjoyment at Work’ by arranging various kinds of programs. The HRD organizes a number of activities that help the employees to showcase their skills and talent. At KKCL, we believe in providing ‘job enrichment’, rather than job enlargement, to our employees so as to keep their motivation level high without compromising on their ‘happiness quotient’.

As it rightly said by Sir Andrew Carnegie that “You cannot push anyone up the ladder unless he is willing to climb”, we too believe that employees must work from their heart and love what they do. We strongly believe in co-operation rather than competition. Therefore, we deem it’s the ‘co-operation, not the coercion’, that holds a team and eventually the team triumphs, even in adverse conditions.

Every year the HRD focuses on different groups i.e. women employees, students, NCS staff, factory employees, outstation employees, etc. We undertake different initiatives under the ‘Employee Inclusion’ and ‘Employees Engagement’ programs. We consider each and every aspect to make KKCL a great place to work! These initiatives are organized in such a way, that they do not interfere with the productivity cycle.

The HRD organizes in-house and outdoor training programs for the employees with an aim to enhance their knowledge base and skills. Apart from this, we also conduct online training programs, to give our ‘human capital’ diverse knowledge and make them future ready.

At KKCL, our main objective is to protect and enhance the well-being of our employees and society as a whole; and we undertake various initiatives towards the same. We, at KKCL, have a good & a strong sense of responsibility towards the society and are constantly working towards it.

From the past few years, KKCL has been achieving notable milestones as an employer and has splendidly upgraded its ‘Employer Branding’ to new horizons. The KKCL HRD has adopted a ‘holistic approach’ towards all its stakeholders.

Programs by the HRD

Women Empowerment

Undoubtedly, women today are outstanding in all fields and roles. KKCL has been emphasizing the involvement of women in the Company at all levels and units. We ensure that women employees at KKCL are given equal opportunities with an increased focus on their safety, security and healthy working environment. In the past five years i.e. from 2009 to 2014, the women ratio at KKCL has increased more then three times!

Project Student Samarthan

The HRD had launched this program in the year 2011, with an objective to give practical exposure to students and to prepare them for a better future. Under this project, students get a privilege to improve their knowledge base and gain useful experiences from the factory visits, training sessions, participation in retail conferences, and interaction with the top management. Also the Company gives first preference to these students at the time of employment. We have received a fabulous response for this scheme from all the quarters!

Employees Children Referral Policy

To boost the employees’ morale and bonding with the Company, KKCL follows the ‘Employees Children Referral Policy’, under which, children and relatives of the employees are given priority for employment.

Project Ganesha

The Project Ganesha program reflects the Company’s responsibility towards their sub-staff who work with unwavering loyalty. This project rewards them for their endeavors by infusing them into the Company as staff in departments having suitable opportunities, provided they have completed five years of service. Moreover, those sub-staff who have completed their higher education during their service and have basic knowledge of computers may be upgraded as staff without consideration of the term of service. This is also a mode of Corporate Social Responsibility for the upliftment of those who are at the lower level of the occupational pyramid.


The HRD at KKCL, makes every effort to create a job environments that brings pleasure to work and maintains the ‘happiness quotient’ among the employees. Valuable words of Aristotle, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”, finds relevance in today’s world and we try to emulate the same every day. We have introduced and executed various initiatives and programs that came out in flying colours with a lower attrition rate, productive employees, employee inclusion, employee engagement, employer branding and a long lasting bond with the stakeholders! Also, we aim to fulfill the aspirations of our people, promoters and other stakeholders through the best human resource practices and desire to build the best place to work.