How Large Format Stores Are Changing The Face Of The Branded Retail Industry

The far cry of onslaught on retail stores by the e-commerce portals exists but still it seems a distant reality that they will take over the consumer base of retail store shopping experience altogether anytime in the coming years. The retail industry, especially apparels, have gone in for a major makeover in the coming years as they are working alongside their global peers mainly due to foreign investors investing their money into them and also because of foray of foreign brands into the Indian market which was partly conservative in the way they serviced their clients.

In an omni-channel world, merchandized brands are getting increasingly commoditized which are leading the modern retailers to create brands which differentiate themselves in spirit from their competitors with regards to their brand essence. This has been one of the crucial attracting feature for new-age shopper who not only are loving the new kind of retail shopping experience and the sweet deals that are being offered, along with the experience of shopping which has undergone a phenomenal change in the recent years.

The multi-brand retail format stores and large format stores like Central, Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, FBB, Hypercity that are here to stay as far as the Indian market is concerned and have made it imperative for a brand to showcase their presence in them whether they are small brands or large brands, irrespective of their size. These stores offer competitive pricing for brands to showcase themselves and have also come in with interesting deals and innovative concepts like shop-in-shop model and running contests to attract consumers every now and then.

From a consumer’s point of view, they can see what they are buying when it comes to seeing the fabric quality, make of the garment, and other crucial variables while also seeing for themselves what other brands are offering in competition to what they are looking to buy. It offers a shopper a world of opportunity in terms of buying as compared to e-commerce, which has a host of brands and varieties but that subtle touch of trying out the garment or product before buying and seeing it for yourself is missing. They also offer simple services like altering the garment in no time for free or even exchanging the garment easily. These facilities altogether have attracted the consumer equally towards them. Along with this, the retail shopping chains are equally competitive in terms of pricing and offering as compared to online stores and the line between the two is more or less blur than before. The kind of courtesy and hospitality they extend to the shopper are unmatched and makes them comfortable about their entire experience. Yes, the modern day shopper who buys from an online retail store equally makes up for the consumer footfall in the MBO and large format stores due to their entire shopping experience which is altogether exhilarating.